Terms & Conditions

All tickets entitle one admission for concert/event on the day stated on the ticket, subject to the following conditions:


  1. Entry is allowed upon production of a valid ticket for the concert/event.
  2. The venue management reserves the rights to admission into the concert/event for any reasonable circumstances (such as excessive alcohol consumption, being under the influence of illegal substances, threatening behavior).
  3. In the interest of customer safety, venue staff may perform a search of their bags/personal belongings.
  4. Only in the event of a show/event being canceled will we refund a ticket (redeem from point of purchase only).
  5. Reselling this ticket for profit or commercial gain makes it void.
  6. In certain instances, the venue may be required to make alterations to the advertised details of the performance at short notice. In such cases, we are not obligated to refund or exchange tickets.
  7. If you cannot see the concert/event properly or there are any other issues hindering your enjoyment, then you should complain promptly to the venue manager or promoter prior to or during the show, not afterwards.
  8. Buying a ticket means that you have consented to the filming and sound recording of yourself as a member of the audience.
  9. Any loss or damage to personal property whilst at the venue is not the responsibility of the venue manager or promoter, and neither can they be held liable.
  10. The unauthorized use of cameras, video, or other recording equipment is strictly forbidden unless otherwise stated; this could result in the confiscation of listed items.
  11. Strobe lighting and atmospheric fog effects may be used at this event.
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